Our Story

Each year billions of trees are cut down to make furniture, household products, and tons of wood off cuts and residuals from these industries end up in landfills. 

Inspired by the love for nature, this family owned and operated company seeks to transform renewable natural materials into products of true elegance and fine craftsmanship. We believe that the experiences we share as we explore our pristine environment transcends us into a higher level of harmony with nature.  

Nomos-T was created to challenge our team of artists and engineers with a simple, yet complex task: How can we change the way we produce and consume so as to reduce our ecological footprint. 

Resulting in the birth of a company to increase environmental awareness and discourage the enormous waste that puts unnecessary pressure on our planet's longevity. At Nomos-T, we handcraft our products with the goal of carbon neutrality. We only seek the creation of an affordable luxury catalog of sustainable sourced products. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring you a balance between human well being and style.

Join Us

Participate in changing the world. The smallest acts of charity generate immense impact. As such Nomos-T is dedicated to providing 5% of every sale to NGOs (non-governmental organizations) fighting hunger and childhood diseases around the world.

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